Friday, May 2, 2014

Social Media…in a nutshell…with bacon

The memory of the excitement of the Portrait Society of America Conference in DC may be starting to fade, but hopefully the inspiration you’ve taken home is just starting to kick in and you are using what you’ve learned and applying it to your own art life.

Thank you to those of you arose at the crack of dawn Saturday morning to attend the Cecilia Beaux Forum Panel Discussions. And apologies to those of you who wanted to attend each of
the phenomenal breakout sessions but had to pick just one.

For your benefit, we shall give you some highlights of some of the panel discussions as downloadable handouts.

Here are the notes to the Judy Takács portion of the Cecilia Beaux Forum panel about promoting your work in the 21st Century. Judy talks about Social Media and how to make it a positive part your art life.

Right and Better Left Unsaid
by Judy Takács

 Promoting Your Work in the 21st Century:

Social Media…in a nutshell…with bacon 

An overview of some of the popular social media venues…using the example of bacon…which is very popular on the internet right now.

twitter…I’m #eatingbaconrightnow  #andlovingit

instagram…here’s a photo of the bacon which I just fried and will be eating in a minute!

youtube…here is a handy instructional video I made, with a soundtrack by Yo Yo Ma laid down behind the sound of sizzling bacon. I show you how to fry bacon and then how to eat it.

linkdin…my skills include making bacon, eating bacon, talking about bacon. My contacts can endorse this. And I’m looking for a job in the bacon industry. Now I will send you a request from linkdin so you can view my profile and be amazed at all I have written about my bacon prowess. You have to take my word on this, because I have no photos besides my profile picture where my face is greasy from the bacon I have eaten.

pinterest…here you can see the many MANY professional photos and paintings of bacon that I found in random places on the internet and wanted to keep. I have pinned them to my Pinterest board which I call, “I love bacon.” Please feel free to pin some of MY bacon pictures onto YOUR Pinterest boards too!

facebook…I like bacon IMHO…LOL. Check out my album of artistic bacon photos that I have taken myself. Here’s a link to my website and a link to blog I write, Here’s photo of me with my close friend…Kevin Bacon, and a painting by my favorite artist…Francis Bacon. I tagged them both…please like, comment on and share!

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