Monday, April 7, 2014

Wake up to Cecilia Beaux Saturday Morning at the Portrait Society Conference in D.C.

Les Derniers Jours d’Enfance by Cecilia Beaux
Imag courtesy Philadelphia Academy of Fine Arts.

We're all having so much fun with the blog and the facebook page…and some of you may still be wondering what exactly the Cecilia Beaux Forum of the Portrait Society of America really IS.

If you are attending the Portrait Society Conference in Washington DC this year, now is your chance to find out…and to benefit from all the art, portrait and life wisdom our board and membership has to offer too! And hopefully you’ll meet some of the terrific people you’ve met online too and say, “Hey, I know you from facebook!”

You are hereby invited to attend the

Cecilia Beaux Forum Meeting and Roundtable Discussions

Saturday, April 26, 2014, 7:00am-8:30am

Reston Suite B


What is the Cecilia Beaux Forum Roundtable?

It is a unique program on Saturday morning where CBF members gather together for the annual meeting and then break into smaller groups for presentations and discussions.

Our CBF Chair, Judith Carducci, will start off with a brief overview of the Forum’s purpose and recent activities. Then, attendees will break into three groups to discuss topics relevant to the fine art portraiture. You can choose which panel below to attend.

All are welcome and encouraged (you do not have to be a CBF member to attend).

This year, the topics and panelists to choose from will be as follows:

Art of Life by Leslie Adams

Shaping Your Artistic Journey

Judith Carducci • John Siebels Walker • Leslie AdamsJennifer Welty

In this discussion, panelists will share how their diverse artistic journeys have helped to shape and define their daily lives. Topics will include managing your time between teaching and painting, shows and commissions, work and family, and even between countries.

New World by Alexandra Tyng

The Mentoring Experience

This panel will discuss experiences of artist-to-artist mentoring relationships, including the goals, value, and expectations of both the mentor and the protégée. In particular, panelists will share and discuss stories from the Cecilia Beaux Mentoring program.

Huntsman and Herdsman by Kate Stone

Promoting Your Work in the 21st Century

 This panel will discuss the various opportunities and challenges an artist will face in the “tech-savvy” twenty-first century market. There will be particular focus on social media, blogging, and digital self-publishing.

So, set your alarm clocks for early Saturday morning, grab a coffee and see what the Cecilia Beaux Forum is all about! And of course say Hi to all your new friends from the Facebook Cecilia Beaux Forum group page too!

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