Thursday, February 6, 2014

Congratulations might be in order!

Five Excellent Reasons to enter the
2014 International Portrait Competition

Mother and Son by Judith Carducci
Winner of Best in Show at the International Portrait Competition 1999

1. Publicity…

If accepted, your work will appear on the PSoA website, the PSoA Facebook page and be featured at the Conference with a dramatic video shown during the Opening Remarks and at the Awards Banquet. And, if you are a Finalist, your art will be proudly displayed with the best of the best in the Finalist Portrait Room at the conference in D.C. as well as in the PSoA Members Journal, American Art Collector and International Artist magazines.

2. Legacy…

If you win the Draper Grand Prize, you’ll be the 16th artist in PSoA history to take home the prize and only the fourth woman to win the top honor …right behind the legacy of talent powerhouses, Judith Carducci, Laura Hazard Clark and last year’s winner, Leslie Adams.

3. Quick notification…

There is only a 23 day waiting period: enter March 4th, find out on March 27th and on March 28th, Facebook will be aglow with everyone who was accepted. And, if you enter, you won’t have that gnawing “Dang, I should have at least tried…” feeling.

4. Judged by the best…

Even if you are rejected you’ll have put your work in front of a judging panel comprised of Portrait Society distinguished faculty and Board Members…some of the greatest portrait artists of our time.

5. Thanks for the memoir material…

And, even if you are rejected over and over, you can talk about it during the humble speech you may give as you accept your “Gold Medal Lifetime Achievement Award” at PSoA Conference 2055 or so. Everyone loves an underdog story!

Herminia by Laura Hazard Clark
Winner of Draper Grand Prize at the 2004 International Portrait Competition

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Girl by Leslie Adams
Winner of Draper Grand Prize at the 2013 International Portrait Competition

Take the online plunge…

2014 International Portrait Competition 

Deadline is March 4th!