Tuesday, April 29, 2014

CBF Panel Highlights…Publishing your Art in the 21st Century

Another fabulous and legendary Portrait Society of America Conference has just finished, and now its back to business. Thank you to those of you arose at the crack of dawn Saturday morning to attend the Cecilia Beaux Forum Panel Discussions. And apologies to those of you who, like me,  wanted to attend each of the phenomenal breakout sessions but had to pick just one.

For your benefit, over the next few weeks we will be giving you some highlights of the talks as downloadable handouts.

Kudos to Chris Saper, who heads up the Literature Committee of the Cecilia Beaux Forum, and also headed up the panel about promoting your work in the 21st Century. She was the first one to get her information to me!

“Beauty” by Chris Saper

 Promoting Your Work in the 21st Century

Chris Saper’s portion of this panel discussion was all about self-publishing.

Here are her notes from her well-researched and informative talk

Here is a chart comparing publishing options*

Here is a link to a free ebook about self-publishing*

*Courtesy Matter Deep Publishing.

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  1. What was the website for ordering those awesome little business card size portfolio's again?